Helping clients with conducting campus to corporate induction batches and deployment as per business needs. Focus on individual performance and reviews 


Off-campus - Resource evaluation, onboarding, training, and mentoring before deployment to clients


We help clients with early engagement with campus to get visibility of quality resources. DLithe's presence @ Campus helping fresh graduates and corporate to connect each other 


How different DLithe's execution is?

DLithe's principles are based on two important goals needed for business success. Customer experience and Operational excellence objectives with Agile development. Resources undergoing this program are day one productive.

What do we cover?

DLithe's campus to corporate program covers 360 degree of resource development. Professional etiquettes, Full stack development, Automation Testing, Datawarehouse, Business intelligence, Cloud operations and many more as per client needs are covered in the program

What is the mode of the program?

DLithe training program is very flexible as per our client needs. During Covid time, we have helped client  resource on boarding with effective campus management, campus to corporate batches online. We also execute our programs offline mode as per client needs. 

What is the execution approach?

We simulate the agile development environment. We engage resource from morning till evening with coding & testing technical tasks. Activity based learning, implementing Agile process(tools, domain understanding, documentation etc), peer reviews, presentations, knowledge sharing sessions, demo's, code deployments etc makes the training program effective. We engage client teams for program reviews, interaction with trainees resources for the early feedback. This way we have made sure the resources become day one productive for client needs. 

What is the duration of training program?

The expert lead sessions are approximately 6 productive hours on weekday. Saturday is reserved for activities, reviews, and interaction with industry resources. The campus to the corporate program is designed for 40-50 working days covering professional etiquettes, software engineering & programming, Full stack Development/DBBI/Automation Testing etc 




Business etiquette is important because it creates a professional, mutually respectful atmosphere and improves communication, which helps an office serve as a productive work place.

People feel better about their jobs when they feel respected, and that translates into better customer relationships as well

Understanding customer needs to develop effective solutions very critical in the project. 

Customer needs can come from different domain. It is important for resource to understand the various domain/vertical for which client builds the solutions. 

Customer experience (DCx) and Operational excellence(DOx) the business objectives becomes essential for resources to understand and provide solutions to client needs

Developing a solution without following a process is like ship without a rudder. 

It is essential for resources to apply Agile process right from requirements till deployment. 

Planning, Estimation, Execution, Demo, Deployments need to be well understood by the resources to contribute to the project success



Retail, Banking & Finance, Insurance, Healthcare, Manufacturing, eCommerce and many more


Requirement Gathering, SRS, Backlogs, Use Cases & Realisation, Coding, Testing, Deployment


Product backlogs, Planning, Estimation, Sprint Execution, Retrospective, Demo, Peer reviews, Presentations


Understanding customer needs, and customer experience to improve design, solution approach, testing












The client had legacy apps developed and were in the process of migrating to a new framework while taking customer business demands into account. As the team worked on the most important migration tasks, the client found it difficult to deploy resources to hire from the market who had knowledge of legacy programs. 5 resources were to be trained and deployed at the client's request to administer the existing applications.


DLithe grasped the app's fundamentals and the tasks that needed to be accomplished within the preexisting app. DLithe suggested a plan whereby clients may hire degree students who could be taught and deployed according to the project's requirements. Clients relied on DLithe for assistance throughout the recruitment (evaluation to guarantee quality and flexibility of resources), training, and deployment phases of their projects. The bootcamp took place at the DLithe office, and there were many client engagements to ensure openness and timely feedback on the training materials.


After the 2 month bootcamp,

  • Resources were able to work on existing defects understanding and fixing it
  • Resources were able to interact with the migration team and make quick changes to back-end systems
  • The bandwidth of the migration team increased and the client was able to fasten the migration activities.     

EVRY India Pvt Ltd - YEAR 2019

The company had lateral hires in place with core Java experience. The client required these lateral resources to be trained in Java full stack (Angular, Java Spring boot) within a month so that they could be used for operational needs. The client has requested a 30-day bootcamp to be held on-site by DLithe. Over twenty workers were present for the bootcamp.



DLithe conferred with the key stakeholders regarding the plan's technical strategy and goals. As part of an agile approach, the DLithe resource person developed a full application from the ground up, including the user interface and user experience, the Spring boot framework, the complete set of CRUD functions, and the integration with the database. Implementing best practices including coding standards, Junit, peer review, technical presentations from employees, and domain insights alongside regular technical programs was a priority.


  • Resource billable time was much faster than the usual practice
  • During the bootcamp, DLithe engaged the client from day one to review the progress along with the weekly status reports to the management
  • Resources were trained on client specific domains as well, saving project internal  time
  • Identified three poor-performing experienced resources that could have caused an impact to end customers and also cost to the company. There was significant CTC cost saving to the client as they removed poor performers from the company


The client had challenges in online hiring due to covid situation and was looking for trained resources in Angular, React, and Dotnet Core technologies. The client approached DLithe to hire, train & deploy resources in all three streams. The client had requirement of 16 fresh graduated (degree/engineering)    


DLithe outlined the project's needs and technical execution strategy. Initially, resources were taught on a back-end system in common before being segregated for Angular and React training. The 45-day online bootcamp included frequent engagement with client delivery teams. During execution, client use cases were also utilized as a training reference for project-savvy personnel.



  • DLithe helped the client to onboard quality and committed resources from tier 2 cities   
  • Resources were made available to the respective streams with day-one productivity
  • During the bootcamp, DLithe engaged clients from day one to review the progress along with a weekly status report to the management. Tweaked the technical agenda as per business priority


The client was hiring lateral candidates with 1-2 years of expertise in Java and Dot Net full-stack technology to fill vacated jobs. The client requested to provide equivalent 20+ resources on an immediate basis   


DLithe discussed the market scenario and challenges in getting 1-2 years of experienced resources in a short time. DLithe proposed the boot camp solutions and assured clients about the quality, and agility of the resources deployed through boot camp. The client took the boot camp resources with regular evaluation to ensure the quality is not impacted


  • DLithe performed the recruitment process with thorough evaluation(Analytical, Problem-solving, Technical, and Communication skills) to onboard resources across India
  • The online boot camp ensured the simulation of business/corporate working hours ( i.e. 9:45 am to 6:00 pm) to engage resources with daily stand up meetings, technical task execution, peer review, presentations, assignments, and final assessments
  • Early feedback helped resources to understand the importance of customer experience and operational excellence objectives, were able to implement real-time uses cases


The client was seeking people with two to five years of experience in Java and dot Net technology to cover a variety of positions. Due to bandwidth limits for conducting interviews, the customer requested DLithe's assistance in interviewing over 200 prospects.



After analyzing the problem, DLithe came up with the option of providing interview help by assigning our qualified technical resources as interview panels. The interviews were conducted on weekends to accommodate the schedules of both parties.



  • Instantly feedback forms were filled by the panels and sent to the client which provided a brief overview of the interviewee’s caliber.
  • It was cost-effective as the interviews were conducted virtually (the quality was well-maintained).
  • DLithe also assigned coordinators from their end to moderate the smooth functioning of the process, hence solving the escalations then and there.


The client had the need of onboarding the campus hires to train and mentor for project-specific needs. Around 88 newly graduated trainees had to undergo virtual campus to corporate program, which was challenged to manage with full-day occupancy toward productivity



DLithe, being a specialist in campus engagement, and mentoring resources, understood the client's requirements. As per the needs, the respective streams were formed to execute the entire campus to corporate training and mentoring with full-day resource engagement. The blend of the domain, process, and technology implementation was leveraged by all trainees to develop a proof of concepts, deployment, and documentation. Client was involved from day one to review the progress of the trainees and program



  • Early feedback of trainees on the performance. Corrective actions taken
  • Exposure of agile driven development and testing
  • Trainees realize the importance of customer experience in project delivery
  • Ready to deploy resources to project needs


The client with the intention of empowering women employees and igniting the inner leaders in them approaches DLithe to conduct a program on improving the latent leadership skills among the women employees. Equal opportunity and diversity at work are crucial! All levels of business growth benefit equally from the work done diligently by women employees.


DLithe engaged a senior expert (a master trainer, coach, mentor, counselor, environmental social activist, voice-over artist, and professional singer, to lead the program. She involved the participants in mentorship and activity-based learning).

Following a thorough training needs analysis (TNA), the meticulously crafted program proved to be a win-win arrangement that allowed the participants to apply what they had learned to their regular work. As per them, their interactions with their immediate team underwent a paradigm change as a result, and their client-handling abilities also improved.

The highly experienced participants' willingness to learn and embrace change allowed for the creation of an incredibly successful program that will be replicated in the following days for other batches.

To our delight, the individuals who were the most silent had taken on the roles of the front-runners as we advanced each day, eventually becoming the Star Performers.

A few topics:

Transformational Leadership | Leadership Styles | Forging ahead beyond the Glass Ceiling

Motivational Theories | Self-Motivated Leaders | Motivating Teams

People Mgmt. Skills | Leadership Communication Skills | Mastering Networking Skills

Problem Solving Skills | Conflict Handling | Negotiation Skills

Leading Growth through Customer Centricity | Redefining GOALS as Leaders | Destressing Techniques- Practicing Mindfulness

And many more…


  • Employees were able to assess themselves
  • They were given the opportunity to understand their strengths and their potential use.



Personalization assumed up an excess of position in the showcasing space
  • Professional etiquette

  • Email communication

  • Communication with team members, customers

  • Dressing

  • Behavioral skills

  • Team player

  • Accountability

  • Process adherence

  • Integrity, Confidentiality

  • Data protection

  • Software Engineering 
  • Agile process
  • JIRA set up


Application development using Angular/React with Java spring boot
  • Front end development using Angular / React with basics of HTML,CSS, Bootstrap, Scripting
  • MySQL - Database concepts, Normalization, Tables, Views, Triggers, Store procedures 
  • Business logic - programming using Java 
  • Spring Framework 
  • Microservices
  • CRUD operations
  • Deployment to Git/Cloud 
  • JUnit 
  • Documentation
  • Use case development - Capstone project


Personalization assumed up an excess of position in the showcasing space
  • Front-end development using Angular / React with basics of HTL, CSS, Bootstrap, Scripting
  • User interface design thinking
  • SQL Server - Database concepts, Normalization, DDL, DML, DCL Queries, procedures, triggers
  • Programming - C# 
  • Dotnet Core
  • MVC Framework
  • CRUD Operations
  • Unit testing
  • Documentation
  • Deployment - Git/Cloud Firebase

Automation Testing

Application tetsing concepts Automation using Java with Selenium webdriver
  • Software Development Lifecycle
  • Testing overview
  • Software Test Lifecycle
  • Test planning
  • Test cases
  • Test data
  • Test environment
  • Manual Testing concepts
  • Programming - Core Java
  • Selenium Web driver 
  • Automation Testing of web application 
  • Defect Lifecycle 
  • Requirement Traceability Matrix
  • Test Reports
  • Non-Functional Testing - Load testing using JMeter


Database management system, Business Intelligence
  • Importance of Data
  • Database management system
  • SQL Server/My SQL
  • Normalization
  • Views, Joins, Storeprocedures, Triggers
  • Integration Services - SSIS 
  • Reporting Services - SSRS 
  • Business Intelligence - Informatica cloud , Integration Services (Connection with various DB's)
  • Extract , Transform, Load
  • MIS Reports
  • Documentation